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 XWE v1.17
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 XWE v1.17
Total downloads: 3796
Filesize: 1.77 MB
 Brutal Doom v0.17 [GZDoom]
Total downloads: 3662
Filesize: 14.56 MB
 Ghouls vs Humans v3B5
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Boko's Zone
ultimate brutal arsenal v1c alpha
Author Sargeant_Mark_IV
Author email
Description This is an expansion pack for Brutal Doom. It contains 15 weapons. I have plans to make a total of 50 weapons for this expansion. This is a very alpha test, and many stuff is still not complete. This is just made for testing purposes and doesn't reflects the quality of the final product.

Credits are in the DECORATE lumps of each weapon.
Image no image available
Filesize 3.85 MB
Date Monday 03 December 2012 - 14:59:02
Downloads 1257
Not rated 


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bullet darklord328
[28 Jul : 07:38]
bullet Dot
[21 Jul : 05:57]
Empyre, your files are approved.
bullet Dot
[17 Jul : 00:01]
frontierpass approved
bullet Dot
[12 Jul : 03:45]
Timkitt, your music files are approved.
bullet Dot
[06 Jul : 23:09]
Empyre, your Descent wads are approved.
bullet Boko
[17 Jun : 05:41]
The original owner, achtung has pretty much disappeared from the world of the living.. so its pretty much darklord, dot, and me...
bullet Dot
[17 Jun : 01:31]
Also the site owner (Achtung) is very inactive, I dont have contact with him either. So you have either to deal with me, Darklord or Boko
bullet Dot
[17 Jun : 01:28]
Whymes, your rdeimos will be rejected and will be approved
bullet Dot
[17 Jun : 01:26]
Jonathan, all your wads are removed
bullet Whymes
[16 Jun : 21:43]
I uploaded a wad called restoring deimos, but I don't want it hosted, the filename is rdeimos.wad. The version that i want to be archived is rdeimosa.wad which i uploaded a few hours later i accidentally screwed up
bullet Whymes
[16 Jun : 21:40]
hi is there any way i can get in contact with the site owner here
bullet Jonathan
[16 Jun : 01:54]
Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to get rid of all my wads I've uploaded here. (The only wads I've uploaded are two skin wads, which were also updated, older versions were put in the "2012" list.) I wish to get rid of them because I no longer update these wads, and wish to throw them up elsewhere. Thanks!
bullet Dot
[15 Jun : 23:46]
I put that rule in place because the players should also know what the hell they are downloading unlike best-ever which acts essentially as a wad dump hoster i.e one cannot figure out what the hell all those wads are. And wadhost.fathax shouldnt act as a wad dump hoster to be honest.
bullet Dot
[15 Jun : 23:42]
Ok. And no it doesnt matter if you use the same description
bullet vizyeay
[14 Jun : 14:34]
dont delete it yet, still mapping more maps and once ive done that, ill tell you, does it matter if i have the same description or do i need to change it?

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