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Megawads [ If you have a PWad that contains 15 or more custom levels, this is the place for it to be. ]
Author Obake91
Description Here it is! After a year and a half's hard work, my very first MegaWad, UAC Enterprises, is finally online!
A lot of elements have been put into this, along with tons of testing, refining, and tweaking, to ensure as good of a playing experience as possible. However, it is my first release, so forgive me if it still has a few rough edges.
IMPORTANT NOTES: Jumping and crouching are NOT allowed! These levels were not built with those implemented!
However, the player DOES need the ability to swim up and down! This is critical for a number of areas!

This wad is more satirical in a lot of ways. Although many of the levels build up atmosphere, bits of humor are thrown into the mix as well. Nazis appear as a regular (but not very common) enemy type, seeing as the story involves the UAC-Hell corporation recruiting Nazi soldiers as guards.

Although the music has not been changed from the original Doom 2, I would recommend turning the game music off and implementing more atmospheric music for each level. Even though the story is purposely a little campy, the game-play still features a few tense moments.

Inspiration for a number of levels and game-play elements go to the creators of Zombies Ate My Neighbors (specifically Levels 16 and 31).

Please enjoy!
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 2.01 MB
Date Saturday 09 February 2013 - 09:55:41
Downloads 584
Not rated 


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bullet Boko
[21 Nov : 05:06]
moved v24 of emprye's wad to 2014 folder.
bullet Boko
[20 Nov : 05:04]
awesome. YAPSv1.wad approved, thanks!
bullet Boko
[06 Nov : 05:51]
tips and tricks has no description, and neither does prophet taunts. Please provide a description for your uploads! I removed them from the que, reload them and provide a description!
bullet Dot
[26 Oct : 00:59]
Player Manipulator (Normal Version) v16 Player Manipulator (MM8BDM Version) v16 approved
bullet Dot
[25 Oct : 10:09]
The 13th Gate approved
bullet Dot
[18 Oct : 08:27]
Prophunt taunts 0.2 approved
bullet Dot
[15 Oct : 23:10]
empyrion v25 approved
bullet Boko
[11 Oct : 16:47]
Hard to approve from mobile sorry.
bullet Boko
[11 Oct : 16:46]
The a01 was I mean
bullet Boko
[11 Oct : 16:46]
Jacobs ladder approved, looks awesome jacob
bullet Dot
[11 Oct : 08:38]
MALL0.61.wad v0.61 Jacob's Ladder Duel DM Compilation vA01 VischeckID v1.0 got approved
bullet Dot
[19 Sep : 23:45]
The Demon Hyperoid (WIP) 0.4 vAlpha 0.4 approved
bullet Dot
[16 Sep : 01:56]
oh god, speaking zombie
bullet Boko
[14 Sep : 17:47]
im still alive too in case you were wondering...
bullet Dot
[13 Sep : 23:31]
Player Manipulator v15 approved

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