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great stuff, Dot
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Jews did everything
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heh I knew it!
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Single Maps
Author Obake91
Description Whoa, boy! Inspired from the infamous "Cat Mario" and "Impossible Mario" games, this level is chock full of cheap tricks, traps, and anger inducing gameplay! Do your best to avoid dying as you try to reach the exit. Don't worry, it's possible to beat. I even beat it on Nightmare mode, although, admittedly, doing so was in itself a frustrating nightmare. But even so, have fun with this, and remember, it's only a simple level. A simple, evil, sadistic level...
Image no image available
Filesize 26.56 kB
Date Saturday 27 April 2013 - 16:45:26
Downloads 159
Not rated 


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bullet Dot
[22 Jul : 01:11]
Complex Doom Runes vAlpha 01 approved
bullet Dot
[16 Jul : 01:50]
Phobetta approved
bullet Dot
[16 Jul : 00:27]
dunno where to look for it, Boko and Achtung are away all the fucking time - I guess in the meanwhile just upload the wads in the normal way and I approve them. -
bullet Marcus101RR
[15 Jul : 15:47]
ARgh, temporary host does nt work. I click on upload with Ie and Chrome, neither do anything. It just hangs there removing upload button... fix it
bullet Dot
[14 Jul : 10:13]
Tell me more...
bullet Whymes
[13 Jul : 10:36]
how come i cant upload files to the temporary hostin g
bullet Dot
[04 Jul : 21:48]
MWS.pk3 approved
bullet Dot
[02 Jul : 08:39]
bullet odysseyofnoises
[02 Jul : 00:51]
can you remove the two old resonance.wad versions? I'm going to upload the new one. Thanks.
bullet Boko
[22 Jun : 12:14]
Dot is the man!
bullet Dot
[16 Jun : 15:10]
bullet UberGewei
[16 Jun : 14:51]
ZDaemon City: Salty Edition vV34salt
bullet Dot
[16 Jun : 13:29]
Tell me what file you want to be removed
bullet UberGewei
[16 Jun : 13:00]
Thanks for hosting Boko, I appreciate it. I'm working on a new version with a small crew now. I'm wondering if you could delete it until the next final update is released.
bullet Dot
[14 Jun : 10:40]
Jew Jew Jew, Jew boy Jew Boy!

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