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 Ghouls vs Humans v3B5
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Small Map Packs [ Map packs with fewer than 15 maps. ]
Author Obake91
Description Three bizarre levels based on the concept of having a central monster type being the "focus", while other monsters roam about the levels as well. The first, "Too Many Pinkie Demons" is centered on Demons; the second, "Former Self", Former Humans; and the third, "Revenants of the Past", Revenants. The level themes vary drastically, but are definitely worth seeing. This wad is to be played with Zdoom in Hexen Format. Note: You ABSOLUTELY NEED JUMPING AND CROUCHING ENABLED! They are key components to beating these levels! Have fun, and beware the new enemy type that appears in level 3. Their not friendly!
Image no image available
Filesize 95.75 kB
Date Tuesday 07 May 2013 - 13:44:28
Downloads 110
 7.0 - 1 vote 


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bullet Dot
[21 Apr : 02:55]
Two Citadels (for Heretic) approved
bullet Dot
[02 Apr : 14:39]
approved Hell Unbound V1.0
bullet Boko
[18 Mar : 04:36]
upload approved, anking
bullet Boko
[17 Mar : 08:13]
haha np evilm0nk
bullet evilm0nk
[15 Mar : 12:37]
thanks for accepting, Glad my computer isn't acting up and stopping me from uploading anymore .
bullet Boko
[14 Mar : 22:17]
Thanks for the upload evilm0nk
bullet Boko
[07 Mar : 16:47]
yep carthief, works just fine
bullet CarThief
[07 Mar : 12:43]
Well, just uploaded a big one, i hope it works as intended. Its a zip file with 3 files and a readme, like last time. That should (still) work, right?
bullet Dot
[07 Mar : 08:35]
player manipulator wads approved
bullet Boko
[07 Mar : 07:21]
its over 17,000 hits
bullet Dot
[23 Feb : 13:29]
No problem, as long it is marked it is for Heretic and got a small description what it is you are ready to go
bullet Timkitt
[23 Feb : 05:44]
Hi! Do you accept levels on this site for all Doom-based games? I'm myself thinking of making a map for Heretic.
bullet Dot
[20 Feb : 05:27]
and writing they are great graphic's isn't telling much either, next time write a bit more descriptive text
bullet Boko
[20 Feb : 04:46]
Your files were approved Zombiebrain1, please try to use English next time, I did my best to translate.
bullet Boko
[06 Feb : 13:49]
All player manipulation wads were approved, carthief, thanks!

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