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 Brutal Doom v0.17 [GZDoom]
This month: 146
Last month: 133
Total downloads: 3544
Filesize: 14.56 mb
 Brütal Doom v0.16b [GZDoom]
This month: 142
Last month: 54
Total downloads: 2060
Filesize: 16.88 mb
 XWE v1.17
This month: 103
Last month: 115
Total downloads: 3661
Filesize: 1.77 mb
Most Wanted ever
 XWE v1.17
Total downloads: 3661
Filesize: 1.77 mb
 Brutal Doom v0.17 [GZDoom]
Total downloads: 3544
Filesize: 14.56 mb
 Ghouls vs Humans v3B5
Total downloads: 3430
Filesize: 76.87 mb
Latest Forum Posts
Posted by Boko
LOL sounds like one of those AI movies.... Termina[MORE...]
17 Jun : 05:44

Posted by Dot
Man, imagine if all those shit spambots would give[MORE...]
12 Jun : 01:09

Posted by Boko
User has been banned, spamming is never allowed.
17 May : 14:32

Posted by darklord328
If you are a spam bot, then you will be removed, i[MORE...]
16 May : 03:47



I've temporarily fixed wadtemp. The only problem I'm having is that if you upload more than like 30megs, the file will duplicate, and you'll notice a fatal error on the page. I do not plan on keeping this upload script, and I'll overhaul it again soon. Also, theres no upload bar when your uploading, so you might want to try uploading with Chrome.

Posted by Boko on Monday 11 May 2015 - 07:55:44   |

For those wondering how long its going to take to approve their wads, I get an email whenever you upload them. So generally approval time doesn't take that long give or take a day. Sometimes a little longer if I forget to check my mail(which shows up on my phone to.)

So anyways, I don't like making you wait, so I'm sorry in advance if I take too long.

Posted by Boko on Sunday 05 April 2015 - 09:03:56   |
A Reminder
Hey guys:

I want to stress the importance of descriptions. Please describe something
about your work or what you are uploading. It looks quite retarded to see just a
wad sitting in wadhost with no description. Noobs won't know what it is!

Anyway just wanted to remind you to do that, so I won't have to reject uploads.

Thanks and oh, I'm still alive if you guys doubted me.

Yours not so truely,

Posted by Boko on Thursday 06 November 2014 - 14:57:50   |
Temporary Hosting is broken
Don't ask me how

I have no idea, and I dont care for it - you shouldn't care for it either

just Upload all the Wads in a regular way and I approve them

Achtung is in a very extended prolonged "vacation"
And he is the only one capable of fixing it

- Co Admin: Dot

Posted by Dot on Wednesday 16 July 2014 - 09:33:58   |
Terms of Services (ToS) updated
I have applied a small changes to ToS

nothing too radical
just that you should have English description in your file uploads, We dont mind if you have added in your file description another language text.

such as:

"This Wad does this and that.

Dieses Wad tut das und jenes"

thanks for your cooperation.

- Co-Admin Dot
Posted by Dot on Saturday 05 July 2014 - 07:55:26   |
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bullet Boko
[17 Jun : 05:41]
The original owner, achtung has pretty much disappeared from the world of the living.. so its pretty much darklord, dot, and me...
bullet Dot
[17 Jun : 01:31]
Also the site owner (Achtung) is very inactive, I dont have contact with him either. So you have either to deal with me, Darklord or Boko
bullet Dot
[17 Jun : 01:28]
Whymes, your rdeimos will be rejected and will be approved
bullet Dot
[17 Jun : 01:26]
Jonathan, all your wads are removed
bullet Whymes
[16 Jun : 21:43]
I uploaded a wad called restoring deimos, but I don't want it hosted, the filename is rdeimos.wad. The version that i want to be archived is rdeimosa.wad which i uploaded a few hours later i accidentally screwed up
bullet Whymes
[16 Jun : 21:40]
hi is there any way i can get in contact with the site owner here
bullet Jonathan
[16 Jun : 01:54]
Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to get rid of all my wads I've uploaded here. (The only wads I've uploaded are two skin wads, which were also updated, older versions were put in the "2012" list.) I wish to get rid of them because I no longer update these wads, and wish to throw them up elsewhere. Thanks!
bullet Dot
[15 Jun : 23:46]
I put that rule in place because the players should also know what the hell they are downloading unlike best-ever which acts essentially as a wad dump hoster i.e one cannot figure out what the hell all those wads are. And wadhost.fathax shouldnt act as a wad dump hoster to be honest.
bullet Dot
[15 Jun : 23:42]
Ok. And no it doesnt matter if you use the same description
bullet vizyeay
[14 Jun : 14:34]
dont delete it yet, still mapping more maps and once ive done that, ill tell you, does it matter if i have the same description or do i need to change it?
bullet Dot
[14 Jun : 03:19]
Just upload the new file and I will delete the old page. Is it this one that I should delete?
bullet vizyeay
[12 Jun : 15:24]
is there a way to update your wads page or will you just have to submit a new upload? Because i came across a bug i need to address...
bullet Boko
[10 Jun : 18:39]
description most excellent vizyeay
bullet Boko
[07 Jun : 18:09]
army of darkness approved. short description but I get the pic
bullet Boko
[06 Jun : 12:20]
bdv19 was approved, someone upload v20 lol

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