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Monthly statistics
 RGA2 (Real Guns Advanced 2)
This month: 8
Last month: 15
Total downloads: 3005
Filesize: 47.27 mb
 Brutal Doom v0.17 [GZDoom]
This month: 3
Last month: 71
Total downloads: 3189
Filesize: 14.56 mb
 Futur_War_Source v2.0 beta v4.2
This month: 2
Last month: 10
Total downloads: 638
Filesize: 78.26 mb
Most Wanted ever
 XWE v1.17
Total downloads: 3362
Filesize: 1.77 mb
 Ghouls vs Humans v3B5
Total downloads: 3320
Filesize: 76.87 mb
 Brutal Doom v0.17 [GZDoom]
Total downloads: 3189
Filesize: 14.56 mb
Latest Forum Posts
Posted by Boko
great stuff, Dot
03 Jul : 04:47

Posted by Dot
15 Jun : 16:32

Posted by Dot
Jews did everything
06 Jun : 11:16

Posted by Boko
heh I knew it!
27 Apr : 13:42


A Reminder
Hey guys:

I want to stress the importance of descriptions. Please describe something
about your work or what you are uploading. It looks quite retarded to see just a
wad sitting in wadhost with no description. Noobs won't know what it is!

Anyway just wanted to remind you to do that, so I won't have to reject uploads.

Thanks and oh, I'm still alive if you guys doubted me.

Yours not so truely,

Posted by Boko on Thursday 06 November 2014 - 14:57:50   |
Temporary Hosting is broken
Don't ask me how

I have no idea, and I dont care for it - you shouldn't care for it either

just Upload all the Wads in a regular way and I approve them

Achtung is in a very extended prolonged "vacation"
And he is the only one capable of fixing it

- Co Admin: Dot

Posted by Dot on Wednesday 16 July 2014 - 09:33:58   |
Terms of Services (ToS) updated
I have applied a small changes to ToS

nothing too radical
just that you should have English description in your file uploads, We dont mind if you have added in your file description another language text.

such as:

"This Wad does this and that.

Dieses Wad tut das und jenes"

thanks for your cooperation.

- Co-Admin Dot
Posted by Dot on Saturday 05 July 2014 - 07:55:26   |
WadHost Offline Time
Sorry for the site being offline....

Pings were insane and you could not load any pages decently. Site seems to be running fine now so its back up.

The smile I felt when the pings smoothed out...

Posted by Boko on Monday 09 June 2014 - 04:25:10   |
Hello fellow brethren,

Due to increase in bots registering on WadHost, I have had to delete all suspected Bot accounts; seriously, please DO NOT register with bots. I have had to add a rule to enforce this, feel free to check it out.

Wadhost Rules
Posted by Boko on Saturday 05 April 2014 - 22:42:43   |
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bullet Boko
[18 Mar : 18:11]
your uploads were approved, thx theunbeholden
bullet Dot
[17 Mar : 12:55]
Fallen Anarchy Skins version 3 approved
bullet Boko
[14 Mar : 18:04]
BathySalts, Fallen Anarchy Skins was approved, thx
bullet Boko
[29 Jan : 05:00]
Empyre, all wads were approved!
bullet Boko
[29 Jan : 04:59]
Role Masters (MM8BDM) v1f approved.
bullet Dot
[24 Jan : 13:34]
Role Masters (MM8BDM) v1e approved
bullet Dot
[18 Jan : 00:01]
blvd.wad approved
bullet Boko
[26 Dec : 04:18]
upload approved haxmurderer
bullet Boko
[21 Nov : 05:06]
moved v24 of emprye's wad to 2014 folder.
bullet Boko
[20 Nov : 05:04]
awesome. YAPSv1.wad approved, thanks!
bullet Boko
[06 Nov : 05:51]
tips and tricks has no description, and neither does prophet taunts. Please provide a description for your uploads! I removed them from the que, reload them and provide a description!
bullet Dot
[26 Oct : 00:59]
Player Manipulator (Normal Version) v16 Player Manipulator (MM8BDM Version) v16 approved
bullet Dot
[25 Oct : 10:09]
The 13th Gate approved
bullet Dot
[18 Oct : 08:27]
Prophunt taunts 0.2 approved
bullet Dot
[15 Oct : 23:10]
empyrion v25 approved

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