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Monthly statistics
 Brutal Doom v0.17 [GZDoom]
This month: 105
Last month: 108
Total downloads: 1959
Filesize: 14.56 mb
 XWE v1.17
This month: 91
Last month: 134
Total downloads: 2142
Filesize: 1.77 mb
 Ghouls vs Humans v3B6
This month: 52
Last month: 34
Total downloads: 86
Filesize: 70.54 mb
Most Wanted ever
 Ghouls vs Humans v3B5
Total downloads: 2860
Filesize: 76.87 mb
 RGA2 (Real Guns Advanced 2)
Total downloads: 2595
Filesize: 47.27 mb
 XWE v1.17
Total downloads: 2142
Filesize: 1.77 mb
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Posted by Boko
Its a plot by the Carlyle Group, don't think for a[MORE...]
16 Apr : 05:19

Posted by Dot
Lucky Jim got the pictures from a hostage taken IB[MORE...]
30 Mar : 05:39

Posted by Dot
Basically in America it seems to be possible to us[MORE...]
26 Feb : 06:38

Posted by Boko
" Whitestar line, had several problems with the RM[MORE...]
26 Feb : 05:40


Hello fellow brethren,

Due to increase in bots registering on WadHost, I have had to delete all suspected Bot accounts; seriously, please DO NOT register with bots. I have had to add a rule to enforce this, feel free to check it out.

Wadhost Rules
Posted by Boko on Saturday 05 April 2014 - 22:42:43   |
Upload Filesize and Activation E-mail
The maximum upload filesize has been restored to 90MB, and activation e-mails should be going out now. Please feel free to contact achtung or boko with any comments/questions.
Posted by achtung on Tuesday 28 January 2014 - 04:16:33   |
User Email Activation not working
I noticed that the email mail-out system isn't working. Its not sending out the user verification email like it should. So at the moment, I switched it to Admin approval mode.
Posted by Boko on Friday 24 January 2014 - 23:06:30   |
Merry Christmas
Its that time of year that we get to spend time off (with ourselves or family or whatever we're doing!). Hopefully Santa will bring you a nice computer that can play Doom much better than your old one. Merry Christmas!
Posted by Boko on Tuesday 24 December 2013 - 14:34:54   |
Wadhost fixed
The forum problem and problems throughout the site should be fixed now. Thanks Achtung!
Posted by Boko on Wednesday 18 December 2013 - 02:46:44   |
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bullet Dot
[21 Apr : 02:55]
Two Citadels (for Heretic) approved
bullet Dot
[02 Apr : 14:39]
approved Hell Unbound V1.0
bullet Boko
[18 Mar : 04:36]
upload approved, anking
bullet Boko
[17 Mar : 08:13]
haha np evilm0nk
bullet evilm0nk
[15 Mar : 12:37]
thanks for accepting, Glad my computer isn't acting up and stopping me from uploading anymore .
bullet Boko
[14 Mar : 22:17]
Thanks for the upload evilm0nk
bullet Boko
[07 Mar : 16:47]
yep carthief, works just fine
bullet CarThief
[07 Mar : 12:43]
Well, just uploaded a big one, i hope it works as intended. Its a zip file with 3 files and a readme, like last time. That should (still) work, right?
bullet Dot
[07 Mar : 08:35]
player manipulator wads approved
bullet Boko
[07 Mar : 07:21]
its over 17,000 hits
bullet Dot
[23 Feb : 13:29]
No problem, as long it is marked it is for Heretic and got a small description what it is you are ready to go
bullet Timkitt
[23 Feb : 05:44]
Hi! Do you accept levels on this site for all Doom-based games? I'm myself thinking of making a map for Heretic.
bullet Dot
[20 Feb : 05:27]
and writing they are great graphic's isn't telling much either, next time write a bit more descriptive text
bullet Boko
[20 Feb : 04:46]
Your files were approved Zombiebrain1, please try to use English next time, I did my best to translate.
bullet Boko
[06 Feb : 13:49]
All player manipulation wads were approved, carthief, thanks!

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